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    Stratstone Interiors initial contracts were for medium sized Main Contractors in the Commercial and Residential sectors, as a Drylining and Carpentry Sub-Contractor. However, the company's ethics, founding principles and passion for quality quickly gained the attention of Developers and Employers alike, leading to Stratstone Interiors obtaining direct contracts through a well-established Client portfolio. There are now three divisions within Stratstone Interiors indluding; Main Contracting, Sub-Contracting and Maintenance, all delivering key internal packages whilst bringing our mentality and commitment to quality to any project.

    Main Contracting 50%
    Sub-Contracting 30%
    Maintenance 20%

    Stratstone Interiors provide an unrivalled service with uncompromising standards on quality assurance and delivery. The culture of quality stems from our Directors founding principles, and are enshrined within the company's processes and management, all the while enhanced by the commitment displayed by each and every Stratstone Interiors operative.


    Stratstone Interiors is actively tendering throughout London and the South-East for Private Clients, Property Management Companies and Contractors. Our mission is to remain commercially competitive, whilst demonstrating to our Clients that Stratstone Interiors will deliver on time, on budget and on brief. Through the establishment of a trusted Client base, and expanding into new markets, Stratstone Interiors will endeavour to ensure the continuation of sufficient projects that allow us to achieve medium-term goals, whilst also ensuring we maintain our integrity, reliability and quality assurance.


    We at Stratstone Interiors believe in doing things differently. Our extensive knowledge of the industry, the market and our competitors, coupled with our founding principles, sets us apart in an industry where complacency and inconsistency has taken root. For too long reactionary market forces, focusing entirely on cost, and not on delivery, have hampered countless developments and sought artificial, low cost solutions to projects requiring expertise and transparency. In 2017, the key business goal is to accelerate expansion, spreading our name and values throughout the industry, establishing new relationships and increasing the awareness of our brand and company's values. It is with this conviction and commitment, that Stratstone Interiors will become synonymous with quality, delivery, reliability and viability within the UK Construction Industry.



Stratstone Interiors works closely with an interior design and architectural company capable of interpreting and understanding a client's brief to create, develop and mould the desired design in line with the Client's key drivers and targets. From conception through to planning and throughout construction, Stratstone Interiors and our partners will ensure a consistent and logical design, appropriate to the project and the Client.



Stratstone Interiors have a reliable, committed team of operatives and specialist contractors whom together will deliver an unrivalled, finished product.



Upon construction completion and after any defect liability periods, Stratstone Interiors is committed to maintenance works, ensuring our Client assets are best taken care of. Please review our Maintenance section to see how from delivery to maintenance and aftercare, Stratstone Interiors can provide the complete service.